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Madhouse: The Rocket Explodes DVD

Madhouse: The Rocket Explodes DVD | $19.99

The burden of racing at Bowman Gray explodes when Tim Brown yells expletives to the crowd after a win. The entire community is on edge waiting to hear Gray Garrisons disciplinary action toward The Rocket. Chris Fleming is involved in a possible career ending accident.
Madhouse Vengeance is Mine DVD

Madhouse Vengeance is Mine DVD | $19.99

The Myers clan has won a victory, but Junior Miller has his sights set on revenge. Only problem is: the Red 69s leaking water, and may not be ready for Saturday night. Will The King get his motor ready in time to settle an old family score? Meanwhile Chris Fleming turns old friends into new enemies…
Madhouse: Madhouse (Series Premiere)

Madhouse: Madhouse (Series Premiere) | $19.99

…short track in the America. It's a volatile and unpredictable environment where tempers flare and anything can happen ' that's why it's called The Madhouse.
Madhouse: Do or Die DVD

Madhouse: Do or Die DVD | $19.99

With Burt Myers and Jon Boy within striking distance, Tim Brown needs a strong finish to win his record tying 8th Bowman Gray Championship. Jon Boy contemplates leaving the Miller team and racing on his own next season. Jason's struggles are making it difficult for him to maintain his race team…
Madhouse Wheels of Misfortune DVD

Madhouse Wheels of Misfortune DVD | $19.99

Midway through the hot summer season and having to balance work, family and racing is almost too much to handle for the race teams. Jason is being forced to choose between racing or making it to his daughters dance recital. Junior exerts his frustration on a rental trailer. On the track, Jon Boys…
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Madhouse Lamb to the Slaughter DVD

Madhouse Lamb to the Slaughter DVD | $19.99

Burt Myers's bad engine and Junior Miller's faltering health put a wrench in their racing futures. A 16-year old driver appears on the scene to carry the torch once held by his fallen father. The veterans find themselves in turmoil while the rookie looks to kickoff a new era at Bowman Gray Stadium.…
Madhouse: Back in Black DVD

Madhouse: Back in Black DVD | $19.99

The rookie, Jonathan Brown, made some new enemies last week when he spun-out both Tim Brown and Burt Myers to take the checkered flag. But, news of an unexpected tragedy leaves Brown to search for meaning in the shop and behind the wheel as tries to close in on his first championship at the…
Madhouse Young Blood On the Track DVD

Madhouse Young Blood On the Track DVD | $19.99

This week is a turning point for the drivers of Bowman Gray Stadium. Its mid-season, and Tim Brown has opened up a sizeable lead in the chase for the championship, while Burt Myerss frustration over his constant mechanical problems continues to grow. This weeks double point race is an opportunity…
Madhouse: Full Moon Madness

Madhouse: Full Moon Madness | $19.99

A full moon descends upon The Madhouse and hot tempers flare. Still upset from the banging he received from Burt, Tim Brown weighs his options at retaliation while his grandpa hunts down some four-leaved clovers that will hopefully bring Tim some luck in the upcoming race. Jason and Burt recall their…
Madhouse: Brother Against Brother

Madhouse: Brother Against Brother | $19.99

After being bullied by Junior Miller for the last time, Jason Myers has had enough. But if he's going to stand up to the King he'll need to first step outside his brother's shadow. Does Jason have what it takes to hold his own at The Madhouse? Meanwhile, Ben Brown finds the right forum to challenge…
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